A disappearing column of survey responses

  • 15 January 2022
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This morning a column of responses to a questionnaire that I’m working on disappeared. How do I recover it?


Thanks so, so much.


Donny Shell

6 replies

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@DonnyShell - from where did the column disappear? In Typeform or in Google Sheets integration?

If you have a questionnaire that is published and running, it is strongly recommended that you make a duplicate of the form in your workspace and make any changes that you want to make/try out there first. 

If you change the structure of your questionnaire and remove a question, for example, the data for the existing response to that question will be lost. 

not sure what you did, but if you can be more specific maybe those of us swimming around in here over the weekend might be able to help. 





I am working in my Workspace as I have been for months. Not sure what I did to make that column of responses go away. 





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can you take a screen shot of where the responses have ‘gone missing”? thanks


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Hi @DonnyShell Were you able to solve the issue? Let us know if so!

Actually, I had already downloaded the content, so there wasn’t ever really an issue for me. 


Typeform Support did find the column that for some reason had been invisible to me. Thanks for your interest.

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Hey @DonnyShell! Can you let us know how the support team found the column? Curious to know how they fixed it!