GitHub Pro plan, limited Pro Plan?

  • 25 September 2021
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Hey, so I’m currently using Typeform Professional Plan (now Plus Plan) by GitHub Student Developers Pack. So, since I have free access for Typeform Plus for 1 year, I thought I can use the hell out of it, but I found out that I cannot apply “Remove Typeform Branding” or like other functions on Plus plan. Anyone know why there is the limit on it?

For more infos, attached the photos here.



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3 replies

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Hi @juni37 Welcome to the community! Since we don’t currently have a student plan, anyone connecting as a Github Student still has access to the Professional Plan as an exception to our new pricing. Though, I’m afraid our Professional plan did not have access to certain features, such as branding removal, which is why you’re not seeing this feature appear on your account. If you’d like to have the branding removed, you would need to change your account to one of our current plans. 

I hope this helps clarify, but please let me know if you have any other questions. 

Hey @Liz , thanks for your reply. How can I change my current professional plan to one of the current plans? Will I get charged if I change to the new plan? 

I’ve seen an article regarding this issue on FAQ, and the FAQ said I don’t have to do anything, but the Typeform will automatically change my account to the newer plans. 

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Hi @juni37 You can change your plan type by going to Settings → Account & Billing, though changing the plan on your account will charge you for the plan. This is because our Github special only applies to the Professional plan at this time.