Payment Failure Bug: We have paid 3 times and platform not working

  • 24 November 2021
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We’ve been struggling for 3 days now with no response from support. We can’t get our account to work properly, we have been charged 3 times and still the platform is not working for us, we can’t publish our forms. 

Very terrible customer experience and nobody seems reachable to help us, everything is being delegated to this forum or via email with +3 days response time


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3 replies

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Hi @Leadsales WhatsApp CRM I took a look at your ticket/billing issues with our support team. Our support team has been consistently responding to your messages today, though I do apologize that it took a few days to hear back from them. 

Since the payment on your account failed, it downgraded your account and thus lowered the priority of the ticket. Additionally, each email sent before an agent could help pushed back the priority as well (just be sure to wait for an initial response for any future tickets!). They have helped you get back on our newer plan since it wasn’t possible to subscribe to the original plan you had, which caused multiple charges on your account (for the amount owed and the difference in the new plan). 

As the support team has already been helping you, please continue to respond (or wait for their response) to your messages so they can further help you. They’ll be the best resource for help since they have access to your account and billing (and we don’t here in the community). 

If you have any questions about Typeform in the meantime, let us know!

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Thank you @Liz, to avoid this problem I’d like to pay annually, who can help me with this? I’ve seen the replies through the billing email but response didn’t address the issue completely. Up until now that I posted on the community we actually got things solved which isn’t the best experience and me as the CEO can’t be doing this. Could we have a video call in order to do this process and also check the charges pending (from my cofounder who tried to pay with his own credit card) 


Thanks again for being helpful in the community 

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Hello @Leadsales WhatsApp CRM.

Liz isn't around today as it's Thanksgiving in the US 🦃 But don't worry I'll keep an eye on you in the meantime. 

For now I'll leave this in the hands of the support team as they're better suited to manage payment and billing conversations. They have access to your account and the conversation can remain private which is the best scenario in these cases. 

I've been told your conversation is progressing so just keep us posted if there are any issues. 

Hope all gets fixed for you.