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NEW!! 4 sweet new ways to make your Typeform Chats stickier 🍭

NEW!! 4 sweet new ways to make your Typeform Chats stickier 🍭

Heyo everyone, hope you're doing well!


I'm here bearing news of some handy updates to Chat by Typeform. A couple of months back, I came and told you how Chat lets you create chatbots in a flash to deliver interactive experiences to your leads, customers, or visitors. Well, Chat has just got better – and smarter – thanks to these handy updates that add oodles more customization. 


Enough chit-chat – let's delve straight into what's new:


1. Call to action


You can now customize the greeting message of your Chat popup to grab people's attention. Whether you want to ask someone to submit a question, invite them to share their contact details, or ask them to take your quiz, you can write your own custom CTA.


To edit your message, go to the Design section within the popover embed options and simply type your new greeting. You can even use emojis 🙌🙌




2. Behavioural triggers 


Just like with typeforms you can now use behaviour triggers to decide when to show or hide your Chat icon. You can set the Chat to appear or disappear depending on the following conditions:


  • Appear when your web page loads

  • Appear when a visitor spends x amount of time on the page

  • Appear when the visitor scrolls down

  • Appear when the visitor tries to exit the page

  • Disappear once the Chat has been filled out

To access these features embed your Chat as a popover and head for the Custom launch options within the Advanced settings.



3. Custom icons 

Want to change how the Chat icon looks to make it more "on-brand"? No worries, you can now change this by uploading a custom icon from the Design panel, like this:



4. Notification dot


If you've ever read Nir Eyal's Hooked, you'll know all about the theory behind the powerful way in which notification icons act as behavioural triggers. People have become hardwired to want to click on those little dots that indicate a message is waiting for them.

Now you can add a notification dot to your Chat icon to tempt people into opening it. I find them simply irresistible! 


When someone has interacted with the Chat, the red dot notification on the chat icon disappears after a period of time specified by you.




Go ahead and play around and see what you can create! If you need help setting up your Chat check out our Help Center article, which includes a great video guide!


Learn more about what you can do with Chat


Keen to find out more about what you can do with Chat and how to use it? Join me and my colleague @Cristina G on Thursday 17th June 2021 for our live Webinar. We'll talk about how to get started and walk you through the Chat creation process from start to finish. We'll also be on hand to answer any questions at the event!

Get more details about the Webinar here



@Jackie - great stuff in here!! thank you 

lots to test out and I am certain more folks will be taking advantage after the webinar tomorrow.. 


great work to the team!



This is so cool, thanks for sharing @Jackie. Im actually planning to add a ‘Chat by Typeform’ to gather community sentiment. I may need a bit of help with embedding but I’m hoping @Liz can help us out with that!

@john.desborough thank you! The team has been quite busy. Excited to go over the new features tomorrow! See you there :)

Oh yes! Happy to help in anyway - lets collaborate @Gabriel :muscle:

Wow, very cool! I’m always excited to learn about the new fun features you guys are putting out. Thanks @Jackie for the informative and exciting read :slight_smile:

Oh yes! Happy to help in anyway - lets collaborate @Gabriel :muscle:


Im hoping @Liz - who is the most techy brain in the community team - may help us get this up and running. We’ll reach out if we need a hand :handshake_tone3:

Great share, @Jackie !!

I’ve been using a different chat provider and need to switch to the Typeform chat. This just makes too much sense NOT to switch. 

Thanks so much for providing this level of detail!!

I love the book Hooked​​@Jackie ! Excited about these features! :grin: