3 questions form - Not Publishing for free

  • 6 April 2021
  • 3 replies

I just signed up.

I created a very simple form with 2 questions (email + long form). 

When I click “publish”, it’s written that it is not possible. Screenshot.

What am I doing wrong? 

3 replies

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Hey @Patzamgit. Welcome to the Typeform Community :hugging:


Receiving an error message while trying to publish your form means you're currently using a feature that isn't included in your current plan. The good news is that Typeform is telling you what features you're using, so it makes things a lot easier. =) In your case, it says "Redirect on Thank You Screen". This means that if you remove the redirect link from the Thank You page, you'll be able to publish your form.


Hope this helps! 

I’m stuck on the same. Where’s the ‘Thank You Screen’? I didn’t add one and didn’t add in any redirect.


e.g. here I can see that ‘Redirect on completion’ is not even turned on. 


When Typeform say “Thank You Screen” is this what is called “Endings”???? 

I didn’t add in any redirect on my ‘Ending’ and can’t see any “Thank You Screen”. TIA

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Hi @confusedfan Thanks for stopping by! The thank you screens are called endings now. 

If you’re getting a message that you’re using the redirect feature, you can turn off this feature on the endings like so: 

I hope this helps! If you’re still receiving an error message after, please send any screenshots of the message so we can help further. :grinning: