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  • 12 August 2021
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Thank you for your answer, I have another question, how does one add colleagues to workspace?  The colleagues I wish to add are not respondents.




Hey DebP,

Liz mentioned you in: "two questions: results and comments"

Hi @DebP Happy Wednesday! Thanks for stopping by. The only way to show the Report would be to hyperlink the URL of the report in the form, but this wouldn’t show them their results included until they’ve submitted the form. You can also email the URL of this report to your colleagues, but if you’d like them to see each response individually, you would then need to add them to the workspace or use Google Sheets as you have been to share the data. Finally, we don’t currently support printing out the open-ended responses, but I’m happy to share this feedback to our product team. Let me know if...



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Hi @DebP Thanks for stopping by! First, to add colleagues to your workspaces, you’ll need to be on a Plus plan or higher. This plan allows you to add members to your workspace. 

Then, once you’re on this plan, you can follow the steps here to add members to your workspaces! They’ll have the paid features when they’re in a shared workspace you’ve invited them to.