Can I distribute via SMS in Australia?

Am I correct that I cannot distribute my survey via SMS from Typeform?


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@Jane W_AUS - welcome to the community from a fellow user

if your recipients have the ability to ‘click a link and go to a browser’ on their smart phone from an SMS message, i don’t see why not: i get all sorts of spam texts with links in them, all the time.. so while you can’t answer the questions in SMS 

a couple of use cases that i can think of here:

  • you have list of mobile numbers for a client group and you want them to receive an SMS message directing them to a Typeform URL, to complete on their smart phone 
    • yes is possible - just put the url string in the message (if you want to track who responds, you could add the hidden field for their phone number to the url ) - you can do this from Twilio (Mr Google search shows me there are videos on how to do this) along with other Google Sheet add-ins
  • you could have people who come to your landing page enter info into a Typeform about taking your survey - a question about how to receive your instructions/the link, since it is special ‘you must qualify’ for survey lol, and would they like to receive it in email or via sms
    • there are integrations via integromat (see this thread here)  that will send an SMS to a user from a Typeform 
    • you send the url link for the survey to them via sms or email depending on their choice. 

you can also send the results of the survey/quiz to the user’s phone via sms using the same type of integration from Typeform


hope that helps a little 



Thank you so much for all the detail!  A total rookie appreciates it!


I am looking at some other survey technology, which does allow me to send the survey link directly from the app, without the need for another provider.  It seems that Typeform cannot do this, based on what I have investigated and what you have said above.  Is that right?



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@Jane W_AUS - i would have to pass the baton over to the folks who are employed by Typeform and inhabit this Community during their working hours…. some are in Spain others are in the US

@Liz @Mariana @Gabriel @picsoung - any words of wisdom 



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Hi @Jane W_AUS by sending the survey from the app, are you embedding the typeform within a mobile app or website? If you don’t mind sharing a bit more about the workflow you’re thinking, that’ll help me answer this better!

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Hi @Jane W_AUS If you don’t mind sharing a bit more about the setup you’re looking for, that’d be great!