Change in font after scanning the barcode

  • 10 December 2022
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Hello community!

I had created a typeform and some questions when it is accessed through the link font is same as we have configured, But when we scan it from Qr code in some devices the font changes. Why is this happening?


6 replies

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Hi @Aditya Could you share the QR code so we can test it? Thanks!

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Hey @Aditya hope you had a good weekend! Don’t forget to share the QR code so we can test this out 😊

The actual font is Oswald. After scanning sometimes, the font appears and sometime there will be a change in font. Please look into it.


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Hi @Aditya Thank you! Is this what the form should look like? 


and are there any specific browsers/devices in which you’re seeing the font change? 

This is the actual font. The one you are getting is the change in font issue which I am facing.  When you get this font and then you hit refresh the page you can see the actual font. This is not just for one form I have been using 3 forms and I am facing same issues with all the forms. Please look into it. 

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@Aditya - suggest you raise a help ticket with Typeform Support to get them to look into this - this is NOT the official support site but a peer support community, that has some typeform support ..


submitting a request there will get two vectors of support.