Help needed!!

Three questions super experts:

1) I wanted to show customers the result of their tests when they submit theirs forms. Is it possible through Typeform or do I need to export the results to somewhere else to do it?

2) We are using the chat version embed in a landing page. Facebook requires the form to be into an owned domain to allow me to insert its pixel on it. Is there anyway to use typeform in a subdomain which belongs to us?

3)I our chat version, one of the questions is phone numeber. We are using the mask Flag + number in the desktop version, with the Brazilian flag + (XX) 99999-9999. When it is converted to chat, it changes for US version without flag and the mask (example) is american 1 (111) 111-1111. It seems to be a BUG. Any thoughts?

Thanks for your help.


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Hi @mtartuci Thanks for stopping by the community! :smiley: Happy almost Thursday!

To help answer your questions, 

  1. There are a few ways to do this, the easiest of them being to recall their answers on the ending pages. Do you have an idea in mind? That’ll help me answer this better. 
  2. We have a conversation about this in the thread below which can help answer your questions: 


  3. While this is currently a feature request, one workaround is for the respondent to add the + to the number. The downside is that, unless mentioned in the form, the respondent most likely won’t know to do this. :\

Hopefully this helps a bit! Let me know if I can help answer anything else. 

Liz: Good to know about recall info from past questions, but what I mean is to present test results to the customer. Example. I set up points from some questions (logic) and it creates a score at the end, ehich represents somenthing. How can I pull out the score and show customer what is test result?

I understand Pixel for Facebook is still under construction looking at the link you sent me, am I correct?

Asking for them to insert +55 is exactely what I am doing know, so OK.



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Hi @mtartuci You could use the recall option to pull the score at the end of the form. I’d suggest using the outcome quiz templates to show different endings based on their responses. 

We also just released this workflow today if you want to send different emails based on those outcomes, too!

As for the Facebook Pixel, they’re still working on a solution with Facebook. :\ Though, you should be able to follow that thread for updates!