How can I send report filtered by hidden field

  • 27 April 2021
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Hi I would lije to send reports filtered by hidden field. Is it possible. 


This is what a get:


This is what I would love to send to this business name “prueba23”:


Please help.

5 replies

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Hey @guudjob. Welcome to the Typeform Community :hugging:


I'm not sure if I completely understand your question. From what I can see, both reports are displaying the same information. Do you mind elaborating on this? I'll be happy to help once I have more information =)

Hola Mariana, ¿Puedo responderte en español?


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Hi @guudjob The language of the community is English, if you don’t mind replying in English. :grinning: If you wouldn’t mind sending more information over, that would be great!

Hi. We have the same requirement on our end.


We would like to share a report where we filter the output by a hidden field such as company id.


The last element of the url (?company_id=123) is submitting a params value (ie a hidden field value) to get a report that only shows responses from company 123.

Can you please make this possible?

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Hi @oddb I can definitely share this feedback with our product team! In the meantime, I can suggest trying Document Studio which will allow you to create your own reports in a design that works best for you!