How to relaunch a pop-up if it's been exited without a response?

  • 27 October 2021
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Hi, I’m hoping someone can help with my question. If we embed a pop-up on our site, is there anyway to make it re-appear after a set period of time if it’s been closed without a response? So to make sure we give people another chance to take the survey? Thank you!


Best answer by Liz 27 October 2021, 18:45

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3 replies

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Hi @Sun Welcome to the community! We have this option below, but our form code doesn’t have a way to know who has filled out the form: 

I know this isn’t the most helpful answer, but hopefully gives some insights on what we do have available!

Thanks for your response Liz.

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Not a problem, @Sun ! Let me know if you think of any other questions. :grin: