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  • 19 March 2021
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Hi everyone,


I need your help with a particular thing. I’m trying to set my Typeform as Pop-up on my website but i need to know the way to make it automatic, i don’t need the “Start” button. How cai i fix this?


I would really appreciate your help.


Best regards!


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4 replies

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Hi @Miguel Morrison ,

Are you on the old or new Typeform design? Also, are you using WordPress for your website?

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If you’re using WordPress, there’s a plug in that’s different than what I’m showing below (this is using the Share link in TypeForm):

This is where you can modify the button text (if you don’t want Start but want the user to control launching it): 

You might be able to automate that so you don’t need a ‘Start’ button under Advanced but it’s not included in the paid program I’m on:

@Liz might have some insight into how to remove the Start button (I believe I could do this in the old design but don’t see it in the new design). 


I have the old design, we’re trying to use the code on Vtex.



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On the old design, you should be able to delete the first page/question which removes the ‘start’ button. I have the Welcome page with a ‘start’ button on my quizzes but if I delete that page it simply starts with the first question. 

Try the ‘Share’ link then choose the PopUp option then post the code on that page. I’m not familiar with Vtex but it should work.