My typeform is showing "This typeform has moved to a new address" but nothing changed

My embedded typeform 

is on this page

Nothing has changed and it was all perfect for months untill recently and it is now showing 


This typeform has moved to a new address

Hit the button and we'll redirect you to


Unfortunately - I have no idea why, can anyone suggest anything? When you click continue it takes you to the right form but I have seen significant drop off in people getting to the survey. 







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@Euan - a user from Canada here

I just walked through the link to your site and the Typeform and when i hit the get started button, it went right into the survey and whilst i did not enter any data in scrolling to the submit button i saw nothing like the message that you describe. also went to your home page and walked to the event planning typeform and nothing strange there at al.. 

can you take a screenshot of the message and post it please? 

(great concept for company and event btw.. nice job!!)



Hi Des, thanks for taking a look and your words.

So I have run a few trouble shooting things myself - I have 2 typeforms I am using and I have put the other typeform code in for a while and yes it is working fine, but when I put the code in for the other form it breaks, screenshot below.

I have 2 typeforms -



In my back end of the website I only have to enter the typeform code "ZfhYITDR" 

The first typeform "ZfhYITDR" shows the broken error 


when I change the typeform to "uVp0Mb4T" It works perfectly fine. 



I have reverted to the broken ZfhYITDR so you can see @john.desborough 

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@Euan - i tried both links and they both work a treat for me here.. including after clearing my cache and using a different browser

i don’t get any problems at this end.. best wait to someone from the Typeform organization gets eyes on this and see what they say.. 



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Hi @Euan thanks for stopping by! This message happens when you downgrade your account to the Free plan (thus changing the subdomain) or if you change the subdomain manually. All you have to do is copy the embed code again from the builder and re-embed it to solve the issue. :) 

Hope that helps!

Hi @Liz , I have experienced the same issue mentioned in this thread today too - we haven’t changed anything on our live environment (which has been live for over 12 months) and yet we get the image that @Euan shared above also. Are there any other user cases why this might happen - such as changes that Typeform have made that have caused this? I am looking to rectify this ASAP.

Thanks in advance.


@Liz @VisionPT  Interestingly I still haven’t been able to sort this issue out. We have one typeform that works with the imbed feature on our website solely using the typeform code.  Nothing changed on our end with typeforms and all was working fine for months, untill recently (about 2 weeks ago) when it started showing the ‘typeform has moved address’ nothing changed by us, just one day stopped working. It took about a week to notice our form went from 20ish a week to about 2. 


It is strange as we have always had a free account so nothing downgraded. And nothing changes on our website, but one typeform code will link through to the live form without the ‘typeform has moved page’ and the other 2 we have show the error message. 



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Hi @VisionPT and @Euan Did either of you happen to change the subdomain on your accounts? If not, would you mind trying to copy the embed code and re-paste it on your website? If that doesn’t work, let me know!

Hi @Liz thanks for your reply. We have been able to sort it out and this issue no longer affects our clients. The wider issue for us is understanding how this change happened in the first place. We have not made a subdomain change on our account, not have we downgraded the account. If there’s a log of the emails that are sent to the account owner when this change was made, I’d be interested to see it as it might glean more info.

Thanks again,


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Hi @VisionPT - we’d need to take a look at your account to see if a subdomain changed or the account plan changed. If neither of those occurred, our support team can log into your account to take a closer look into this for you. They can be contacted here:grinning:

It has happened again, nothing has changed on my end as can been seen in shopify, It has now updated again and the I am getting the typeform has moved - no changes to my typeform no changes to shopify.


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Hi @Euan I visited the page below, but I didn’t see an error in the Typeform. Would you mind sending the URL where you have the error and a screenshot of the message?

Hi, I am having the same issue. We have the QR codes in physical locations and recently the QR code has come back with this when scanned. There has been no change to our plan or change to subdomains. Is there anyway to fix this through typeform, as the QR code now is different, which means we would need to reprint and change all the codes.


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Hm, this message appears when there was a change to the URL, whether that be upgrading/downgrading your plan. I would contact our support team here @JasperSv if you don’t believe this is the case.