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  • 2 April 2021
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Hello everybody, 

i invited a tester to see if this fonctionnality promised by typeforms would work and it failed. Do you have an idea what s at stake ? 


“Respondents can start your typeform, close it, and return later without losing their answers.

Your audience doesn't have to complete a typeform in one sitting. They can start to fill one in, close it, and then return later and their answers will still be there. The only rule is they have to be on the same browser and device (and not in Incognito or Private browsing mode). Their answers will be kept safely in their browser's local storage, for 15 days.”


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2 replies

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@Irraga - Welcome to the Community!

this is from a fellow user 

Can you explain how you tested the functionality? Did the user complete the typeform and submit their answers? Did they start the survey and close down the browser mid-way through the survey? 

If you can explain a little more, show some screenshots or perhaps take a short video of the user/the scenario in action ( Loom has a nice little piece of software that can do this if you do not have the capability) - then it would be easier for us to understand the exact issue you are facing. 




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Hey @Irraga 

To test out this feature, you can start filling you form, not submit it, close the window.
And then open the form again.

You should see the answers you filled the first time already there.
So you can continue where you left off.

This might work only in modern browsers that have localStorage enabled.

While we enable this for the respondent, the owner of the form won’t be able to see those partial non-submitted results in their Results panel.

Looking forward to hear more about your issues.