Popover: best pages to place it?

  • 8 April 2024
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I have done a quiz (popover with notification dot) that will appear on exit intent on our website and basically helps the visitor find out whether the program fits his lifestyle. 

Where is the best place to put it? I wouldn't put it on every page as it might be too intrusive. I looked at my stats and put it on two pages that had the highest number of exits, ie Home and FAQ.

How would you do it? Are there best practices? 

Thanks for you input.



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4 replies

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Hi @Cesare Oh this is a great question! Thanks for asking here in the community. 

@john.desborough and @Darnell might have some suggestions for you!
@James are there any websites in particular you’ve seen where this works best on certain pages? 

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@Liz thanks for the tag;

@Cesare those two pages seem like the most sensible pages to place a popover quiz designed to reach visitors upon exit intent.

The only other thing that comes to mind is make it so that only new visitors see the quiz from whatever page they’re on as they move their cursor to their browser’s URL bar. You could try that especially if you’re sending a lot of traffic to your website.

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@Darnell: Sounds good with the new visitors but I didn’t find any option to set that up. How to accomplish that?

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@Darnell: Sounds good with the new visitors but I didn’t find any option to set that up. How to accomplish that?

@Cesare that would likely be something you’d have to enable/develop within the website hosting platform you’re using rather than within the typeform itself.

So for instance, if you’re using something like Kajabi, Leadpages, or Squarespace, it may have a setting that allows you to enable a pop-up that only shows up for new visitors; I know Leadpages does for sure.

Within this pop-up, you can embed whatever you want, so that might be a scenario where I copy the normal embed code (rather than Typeform’s specific pop-up code) and essentially design my own pop-up within my website hosting provider to ensure it shows only on exit intent for new visitors, only once, no matter which page they’re own.

So in my earlier comment, my idea was that could do what you’re already doing OR try a workaround like this, depending on the capabilities you have wherever your website is built and hosted.

Make sense?