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I posted a question a few weeks ago about a local government blocking Typeform as a survey platform and am now working with a few other local governments who have also blocked Typeform with their IT Teams stating the below:

I am wondering if anyone else out there is having the same trouble with local government (specifically in Victoria, Australia) and if Typeform can maybe do some promotion to the sector to address this apparent blanket ban..?



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Hi @Gaynor Thanks for stopping by the community! I asked our support team if they have heard of this, but they don’t have any reports. It might be a smaller city/government blocking the website, but I’m afraid we don’t have any control over bans. 

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Hi @Gaynor 

Is this happening “at work” when you are connecting to a typeform on a computer that is owned by one of those governments?

Or is it happening regardless of your device? (so they block it a the ISP level)

Is it happening on all typeforms? 
Like this form 

it’s my personal contact form, I don’t see any reason why the AUS gov might want to block it 🤣

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@picsoung @Liz - I have seen a number of organizations that have the IT shop look at low/no code solutions and do a Threat Risk Assessment of the tool. If there has ever been a data breach at the tool company then the tool ends up on a black-list. 

given the breach that happened several years ago at Typeform, that may be the case - especially in the Government sector, I asked one of the folks my wife works with, who is the CISO at the government dept, about this scenario and he said that yeah it would happen in there department (ie the ban) .. unless there was a senior exec in the department who pushed hard for the product as the only tool possible to deliver and was successful in getting the tool company to come in and to a TRA and deep dive with the security team to prove that everything was now secure. 

(typeform was not even mentioned in the convesation - it was only no/low code products … and hypothetical scenario - we used the SolarWinds hack as an example… )


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Thank you everyone..

I think john.desborough has hit the nail on the head - unfortunately 😕

I am still putting Typeform down as my preferred platform and trying it with more and more councils so hopefully they all start to relax soon..

FYI - Picsoung.. I am a consultant working for different councils so not using a council computer. 

Thanks again for all your responses.. greatly appreciated 🙇🏽