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  • 24 February 2021
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I don’t know about you but the people receiving my surveys answer them on their phones. For them it’s easier (one click) to scan QR Codes. That’s why I have tons of files named pgn. When I’m trying to look for a specific one, even when I open the file, I cannot know what it is unless I scan it. 

Obviously, once you download the file you can rename it but it would be great if the image file could be downloaded with the name of the survey. It would save me time and headaches!

4 replies

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Hi @evamagal thanks for joining the community! :) This is a fantastic idea, and I’ll note the suggestion for our product team! If you think of any other questions or suggestions, let us know!

Thank you, will do!


I am using the platform on my phone to create my first quiz. I too, want to utilize the QR Code process. I am on my iPhone - when I hit “download” where does it go?

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Hi @CherylYeatman thanks for stopping by! Do you mind sharing a screenshot of the download button you’re referencing? I’m afraid I’m not quite sure which one that is. Thanks!