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  • 8 September 2022
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Does anyone know if you can have a personal typeform essentially?

What we are looking to try is if a customer can input their data in a Typeform, and then we want to have them update it every 6 months or so. We don’t want them to have to send a new blank form for them to just re-type the same info again, so we want to see if there is a way to send them the previous Typeform, this time just asking them if there are any updates to the data...if so they can update, and if not they can skip the question and use the answer they provided last time. This would be ideally across an entire customer base. Any thoughts if this is possible or even practical to implement?


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Hi @BOC We don’t have this feature exactly available in our forms, but @john.desborough might have a workaround for you!

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Hi @BOC  it is possible


Step 1 : you will need their data first and use Gsheet .

Step 2 : you will need the form link with hidden field ( the number of hidden field is the same as the number of data you want to show ) let say X1 to x7 

Step 3 : use the data and replace the XXXX value in hidden field 

example : name →  x1, phone number → x2 and so on until all the data is complete. 

Step 4 : then make a short version of the link . 

Step 5 : integrate to Gsheet from step 1 .  


Edited: forgot to mention you will need some kind of tools to send those link .. that link is unique to every single costumer.


this way every time they click all the data is already provided and just simple ask is there any update ? then use other question. it is best just to ask 1 question with long or short text answer. and we update the data accordingly 


it is good if only one data value need to be update but imagine if there is 3 or more data to be update or maybe even all the data need to be updated. 


but remember because the hidden field is also visible (and contain personal data) in URL box please remind the costumer not to share the link or open it in public place. 


i use this for leaders recommitment form ,i send them the link the leader just click they see their data if it ok press “submit” button and all done. if not they will personally call us 


hope this help you 

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@BOC - this is a slight variation to what @Michael.Tanriyo provided ( @Liz )


if you are using a CRM with the data, you probably have the ability to send an email to your clients and include the name/value pairs of the data you want to validate as ‘hidden fields’ being passed into the typeform. 

something like this:


where the xxxxx strings would be replaced with the appropriate indicators for your CRM to include the field ie {{subscriber.firstname}} might be the way you would need to do that for your CRM/ESP


that way, all the data you want to have validated (i only used a sample set of potential fields) is passed to the Typeform.

in the typeform, you can have a series of questions that say something like “this is what we have on file for this element, please update the info if this is incorrect”

i created a little test file with NO logic rules at this link to show one way that I have done this for other clients 

what you would need to do after this type of entry method is to create the logic rules to ensure that you had any updates identified (ie does a non-blank answer to a question exist and is it different to the current info in the hidden variable) and then map the data to the CRM to update the record. 


@Michael.Tanriyo - with your google sheet method, you can use Document Studio - an add-on - to send the emails out to the user along with the link to click to get into the typeform in a similar fashion. 




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Hi @john.desborough, thank you for sharing it help a lot. I'm currently learning how to maximize Document Studio, just found out about it  4 or 5 days ago.


i still struggling when it come about the email system because majority of our client is either didn't open their email / don't know the email address / even forgot the password. 

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Hi @Michael.Tanriyo You probably have this in your form already, but if not, it may be worth mentioning to your respondents somewhere in the form (most likely near the ending) that they need to check their email to receive the results. It may also help to bold that text!