Won't Let Me Post the 10th Question!

Hello all, 


I am trying out Typeform for the first time for UX school project. I’m getting a bit frustrated with the question limit. I understand there’s a 10 question limit, which is the exact number I have. But it’s not letting me publish my survey! 

How can I workaround this 10 question limit? 


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Hi @mashedpotatox First, I LOVE your username. I’m embarassingly a very big mashed potato fan, so much so that my family is well aware of this come Thanksgiving time in the US. :joy:

Second, welcome to the community and Typeform! Sounds like a fun project. The reason you’re running into the error is because the welcome screen on your form is counting as a question. Once you remove that, it should let you publish. 

Let me know if that doesn’t work! 

Thanks @Liz ! Glad I’m not the only mashed potato fan around here haha! 


I removed the welcome screen like you suggested, but that didn’t resolve the 10th question problem 😞 Any other suggestions as to how I can go around this?


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@mashedpotatox - another spud lover over here lol.. another user too.

is there an ending in your form? that sneaky thing will count too… yeah Typeform knows this is a pain and a problem that folks face ie welcome screen and ending counting in your ten … 




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Hi my fellow potato fan, @mashedpotatox ! Were you able to get the form setup? :smiley:

Hi every one, 

my typeform used to accept a lot more questions, now i'm totally limited to these 10 questions in the free version.. i saw that there was a possibility for old users to stay on the old version of plans.. is it still possible? I only need two forms, I am an individual freelancer and I live in Brazil. The price is too expensive for me! It's the same price as the Adobe package. it would be possible to return to the old free plan in my case that I am a former user of the platform or even get a more realistic payment condition

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Hi @Marco Mendonça Thanks for stopping by the community. You’ll have access to your current Free plan until October 5th. After this date, we’ll be migrating all previous Free accounts to the new Free plan. It’s not possible to return back to the previous version of the plans at this time, but if there’s anything else I can answer for you, please let me know.