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  • 8 March 2021
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I’m trying to connect typeform to zoho. When I hit ‘connect’ and select zoho, I receive a pop-up saying that I am missing a question in the typeform asking for email, last name and company name. 

I don’t see where to go back and add these in. I referenced the help page and the instructions they gave didn’t explain how to navigate to the settings to make these changes and I’m not finding it on my typeform. 

Can anyone direct me to where to find the field to add these 3 questions?

And, is there a way to not include ‘company name’? My business is direct to consumer.


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2 replies

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@beth.meikle - this is from a user, who can only answer part of your question


in order to collect the name and email, you would need to add two mandatory questions to the typeform:

  • add a short text question type to ask for lastname
  • add an email question type to ask for their email 

you could also create a non-mandatory question for the company name (just in case they want to add one) which will force the field to exist in the reply but be null. 

as for the integration to zoho, that will need one of the Typeform integration experts to reply. 


hope i moved the needle a little for you



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Hi @beth.meikle thanks for posting! :smiley: Like @john.desborough mentioned, you’ll need to add these fields to your form, and be sure to click the Publish button to ensure the integration setup recognizes the changes! It isn’t possible to setup the integration without the company field at this time. :( Hopefully this helps!