Allow others to make a videoask?

  • 1 March 2022
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I am trying to use video ask as a tool for entrepreneurs to ask a question of a network of advisors in a secure environment. As such, I have built out the workflow, but and now I want to be able to give access to entrepreneurs to create a videoask using my template and then I will share it with my network. 

Does anyone have suggestions about how I can accomplish this? 


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5 replies

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Hi @Early Stage MT ! This sounds like a Video Ask question so I moved it to the VideoAsk section in the community. 

I'm sure our expert @Grace will be able to share some ideas once she's back online.  

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Hey @Early Stage MT 

Sounds like you are wanting to share your template with entrepreneurs so they can use it to build their own videoasks - is that right?

If so, there are a couple of options here for you - first up, depending on how many people you are wanting to share with and what plan you are on, you could invite team members into your organization and set them up with their own folders where they can work on their version of the duplicated videoask template. You can set up permissions for folders so that only certain people have access to it so they are not looking in each others folders (unless they need to!)

The second option would be to ask them to sign up to their own VideoAsk account and then you can duplicate your template and move it to each entrepreneurs organization so they can work on it in their own space. Once they’ve finished creating their videoasks they can share the URL link with you to be sharing with your network.

If you go for the second option, and you’re going to be recommending people in your network to sign up for VideoAsk you might want to join our affiliates program :wink:

Let me know if either of these options would work for you, or if you need any more info!

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Hi @Early Stage MT Were you able to give any of these options a try? Let us know how it went! :grin:

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this sounds useful except asking people to leave our site to sign up for video ask creates to much friction we need all on out own servers until we sell them on our services. Also can we host our own on internal Mesh Fog networks like on campus or in manufactuers?

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Hey @Alan DeRossett it will definitely depend on use case, what exactly are you thinking of doing with VideoAsk?

If you’re wanting to host it on your own network and servers you could build your own app and connect to our API to create videoasks :thinking: