Hello - New Contacts Not Being Displayed But Shows as Part of the Total Contacts (on top)

Hello All, 


We are new to VA.  It appears to allow us to add a New Contact but the New Contact is not being displayed.  On top it shows a total of 10 Contacts but only 6 are displayed.  I cannot seem to find a solution in the self-help or community forum.


Thanks so much.





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Hi @Rey De Los Santos Oh this is strange. This might be a dumb question, but were any responses/contacts deleted? 

@andrew_videoask might also have an idea of what’s happening. 

Hello.  I think it was fixed after I returned from an errand.  So, no complaints here.  


Thanks for the help.



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Hey @Rey De Los Santos welcome to the community and to VideoAsk! There were a few issues happening yesterday that had slowed some of the functionalities down on the platform - it should all be working as normal now though 🙏

Let us know if we can help with anything else!

I’m having a similar problem today. New videoask interactions are not triggering and contacts are not being added.