Need help on audio response to a videoask survey

I am trying to respond to a videoask survey. I can record video but there is no audio. My mic is on and the equipment showing in settings is correct. Something is mentioned in the video from the survey taker about choosing from the options below but there are no options showing. The survey taker support says something about making sure their mic is on as well as mine but there is no option to turn their mic on. My system is android. Help!


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Hey @Pamela Stanson welcome to the community!

Sorry to hear you’re having a few issues responding to a videoask, would you mind sharing the link here so we can test it out?

Also, have you tried opening it on a different device to see if you can get the audio to work?

I tried it on my cell phone (Samsung) and on my laptop (Lenovo) couldn’t get it to work on either platform. I have video recording capabilities with audio on my laptop and tried it. It worked but for some reason when trying to send a recorded response on the survey (attached link) I can’t get any audio. 


Here’s the link: 


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Hey @Pamela Stanson thanks for sharing the link, I’ve just tested it and it looks like everything is set up correctly in the survey.

Are you using Chrome or a different internet browser to do the survey? It could be related to the browser camera and microphone settings. On Chrome you can check this by clicking on the padlock next to the URL:


Have you tried to submit the video testimonial? Just wondering if the person that has shared the survey noticed any issues with the audio?

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Hi @Pamela Stanson I hope you’re doing well! Are you still experiencing troubles? Let us know if we can help!