Overlay text not working on live videoask

Overlay text works perfectly when I test it in the build mode and even in Preview mode. But it does not come up in the live videoask.

I am on the “start” plan, Could that be the issue?


Best answer by Grace 27 June 2023, 10:24

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Hey @HOI welcome to the community!

The overlay text should work on all plans, but I believe there is a bug which is causing some issues with it’s functionality right now. The team are working on a fix for this so hopefully it’ll be back up and running asap!

Will keep you posted here once a fix is released 🙏

Glad to be here. Thank you for your response @Grace. 👍🏽

Hi! I’m having this problem as well. Any ETA on the fix? 

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Hey @Julian Adams it’s currently being worked on, I don’t have an ETA from the team yet but as soon as I have any more info I will drop it here 🙏

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Hey @HOI and @Julian Adams this bug should now be fixed 💫 let me know if you notice any strange behavior! 

Hi @Grace,

This issue is happening again on a critical piece of my business’ operations. 

It happened before as well several months ago.

Multiple people on my team have reached out to VideoAsk support over the past 2 days but haven’t received a response.

Need some prompt help here -- please!

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Hi @Irfanp welcome to the community, I’ve just checked with support and your colleagues should have already had replies, and yours is on it’s way right now.

We’ve had an issue with videos in the Pexels library recently, which could be causing issues with the overlay text but the support team will be able to check if that’s the cause or if there’s something else happening.