Workflow automation: VideoAsk responses to external contacts

  • 12 December 2022
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I’m looking to for a way to automatically share VideoAsk responses with external leaders. For example: let’s say there are two leaders I work with at two different organizations: Steve Rogers manages Marvel, and Ash Ketchum manages Pokemon.

  • When Tony Stark and Thor Odinson submit their VideoAsk responses, I want an automated workflow that forwards those responses to Steve Rogers.
  • Same goes for when Misty and Brock submit--they should go to Ash Ketchum.


I do not want Ash Ketchum or Steve Rogers to see the responses from any other organizations, besides their own.

I imagine Zapier is the answer somehow?




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6 replies

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Hi @Scotty16789, great question and fun example!

Assuming you don’t mind inviting the leaders to your VideoAsk organization, all you’d have to do is invite them to their company folder. So you could create a dedicated folder for Marvel and Pokemon, then invite each leader to the respective folder within your organization.

At that point, all the leaders would have to do is ensure they have email notifications toggled on, and then they’d receive notifications whenever new responses come through their videoasks.

Hi Andrew, great response, after looking into this further, a few follow up questions!


  1. If I create a dedicated folder for each organization, does each leader count as one of the ‘10 users’ on the ‘Brand plan’ subscription?

  2. When I invite a leader to their folder, would that UI/UX be a white-labelled experience, or is white-labelling only for participants who are responding to VideoAsk surveys?
  3. It looks like you can duplicate a VideoAsk--can you duplicate an entire folder with multiple VideoAsks?


Edit: If i was just looking to give the leader the raw data, what would be the best way to do that? I think what I’m really after here is to use the folders in VideoAsk in a sub-account manner, where I’d have the master admin VideoAsk folder I would duplicate for each organization. 

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Hi @Scotty16789 👋

  1. That’s correct. You’d be limited to 10 users, unless you create a dedicated VideoAsk account for each client or upgrade to our Enterprise tier.
  2. White-labeling is currently only available for respondents; it’s not currently available on the backend. However, I’ll add a +1 to this on our internal feature request board as full product white-labeling has been suggested in the past by other customers as well. 
  3. Unfortunately, it’s not currently possible to duplicate a folder. However, you can manually create a new folder and then duplicate videoasks and move them into the folder. Keep in mind that duplicating a videoask will only duplicate the videoask steps and logic; it will not copy over the responses you’ve received in the original videoask.

Thank you Andrew, I have an inquiry out to the enterprise sales team and look forward to exploring further.


In the meantime, any other suggestions for ways to give the leader the raw data? I could create a Zap that pulls the respondent’s data into a google spreadsheet, and then find a way to match the domain’s of the respondent and the organization leader (maybe?) 

I think what I’m really after here is to use the folders in VideoAsk in a sub-account manner, where I’d have a master admin VideoAsk folder, where i could duplicate multiple VideoAsk’s, giving sub-account admin’s a white-labelled view-only access.

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@Scotty16789 Happy to help! We’ve pinged the sales team, so they should get back to you soon 🙂

Regarding Zapier, it may be a challenge if you’re setting up a lot of videoasks. You can only automate one videoask for each Zap, as VideoAsk doesn’t currently support a webhook or trigger for all videoasks within your account.

If you only have a small number videoasks for each client/company, it may be best to simply create a separate Zap for each one of them. 

Understood, thank you Andrew, much appreciated!!