360 Review Implementation

  • 6 May 2021
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Hi Everyone, I am setting up a 360 Review, the template so far is great however I have discovered some concerns on how to implement this.

Each person will evaluate 4 work colleagues, however, how do I set up in the template a randomised list so the employee reviewing their colleagues is just given a colleague to review in their team? 

We also have smaller and bigger teams and I want to make sure that each person who is reviewing their colleagues, everyone gets a fair chance in each team to be reviewed and review 4 other colleagues.


1 reply

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@Caley - welcome to the community Caley from a fellow user

Just to help clarify the scenario: 

  • you have a list of employees you want to send to the typeform to review fellow staff
    • are you to present a list of fellow employees for them to review and ask them to pick one and then respond to questions? 
    • OR 
    • are you creating the list of ‘assigned staff to review’ outside of typeform, ahead of time, and wanting to send an email to the employee to “click this link to get to the 360 review form for employee_name”

There is no current functionality inside Typeform to randomly select from a list of possible employees, for example, and present them to a user.

The work around is to create a series of ‘lists’ that have been prebuilt into questions in the survey and you can route a user to them in a somewhat random looking fashion, for example:

  • q1 - who are you? enter your employee id (example)
  • q2 - please select your team from the drop down list 
  • q3 - pick a number between 1 and 10
    • based on their answer, route them the question that corresponds with the question number ie list 1, list 2, list 3 
    • choose an employee from that list
  • complete survey

if you have the ability to use Excel or Google Sheets to randomly organize a list for every employee, you could email them the link to the typeform and pass in hidden field(s) that would be used in the survey to record the target/subject employee for the survey.  You might find that easier than trying to build out the logic progressions inside Typeform - especially if you want it to be really randomized. 

just a thought. 

Hopefully some of the other community members and the Typeform Community Advocates ( @Mariana or @Liz) can help out as well.