Can you payout 70 % as a platform like stripe connect with the stripe integration with Typeform

What would be the best way to build this feature?


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Hi @Chingun Erdene-Ochir thanks for stopping by the community! We don’t have this feature in our forms, but if you’d like to share more about your use case, we can try to think of some workarounds for you. :grin:



Do I read the answer correct that it isn’t possible to connect Stripe Connect payments to Typeform? 

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@Rebecca123 - the payment question type IS the integration with Stripe .. so typeform does connect to Stripe. 


@john.desborough yeah I know that it connects with Stripe. I am just unsure if it works with Stripe connect that is Stripes Marketplace solution. :)

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Is there anyway to use the stripe payment form with Stripe Connect Accounts.


For those not familiar with Connect Accounts they are essentially sub accounts whereby you can take payments on behalf of clients and choose if any commisions/transaction fees should be taken before sending.


This would be an incredibly useful feature if we can.

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Hi @bucksgill Thanks for stopping by the community! I added your question here where we have the answer. :grinning:

Let us know if you have any other questions!