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  • 17 April 2021
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I’ve just signed up and I’m trying to do something very simple: ask my friends to choose which of two videos they like more, and randomize the order in which they see the two videos. The videos are on YouTube.


Is this really impossible with TypeForm?


The Picture Choice question doesn’t allow video, and doesn’t allow hyperlinking the pictures.

The Multiple Choice question doesn’t allow hyperlinks in answers either. If you click them, you choose one of the answers. Apparently only the classic builder allows adding video or hyperlinks, but the documentation doesn’t say how to access the Classic builder.


I thought about randomizing the order of questions in a section, but that’s not possible either and we only have a hacky workaround.


PS: the videos are short enough that they could conceivably be embedded, at lower resolution. Not sure if that helps. Video 1, video 2.


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@Dan Dascalescu - welcome to the community. 

this comes from a fellow user.. there are some answers to your set of questions or statements above. 

  1. you can add videos - see this short example form that shows you can add them in the new builder

images below show how to do that




i had to use a rating question on the videos independently but compared the values on a statement page as you can see. in the event of a tie in the ratings i threw in a ranking question to force them to break the tie. 


unfortunately the other bits i will have to leave to the official Typeformers to comment upon - @Liz @Mariana @picsoung