Feedback wanted! "My Forms" or "My Workspace?"

  • 13 June 2023
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Feedback wanted! "My Forms" or "My Workspace?"

Hey Community, 

We’re making some improvements to the Typeform Homepage for our existing customers, people like you! And we’d love your feedback. 

We’re exploring ways to get customers to their Forms/Workspace more seamlessly and we’d love to know:

Which copy resonates more with you and feels more intuitive to see before before accessing your space?

  1. My Forms” or 
  2. My Workspace

Check out the mock up below! Thanks for your feedback! 


3 replies

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@Becca Vibert - since i have about 75 workspaces in my account, and am part of over a dozen client accounts as an agency partner, “forms” makes more sense to me. 



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Hey @Becca Vibert this is a very cool new feature! I’m with @john.desborough – I prefer “forms” too! Would love to know what others here in the Community think… @Darnell @belinda_long @jeremielp @vickioneill – as regular users, which do you prefer?! 

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I like forms best, too!