File upload restrict for only PDF

  • 8 March 2021
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Is there a way for a File upload question to restrict for only PDF type of file ?


Thank you.

6 replies

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Hi @Quentin - that’s a great question! We don’t have an option to restrict the file type in our file upload question, but this is a great idea. Any specific use case you’d like to share for this? 

hey, I would need a restriction to uploade pictures only. Can you add a filetype selection on the right, please? accept any filetype, PDF only, docx, picture format, etc?


Best, Fabian

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Hi Thanks for stopping by the community! I’m afraid this isn’t a feature currently in our roadmap, but if this changes, we’ll post about it here!

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Adding my request for a way to limit file upload types on file upload questions, as well.  Other form builders I have worked with allowed me to et the file types when asking a file upload question. Its is handy if I only want people uploading images on file upload, and not mistakenly uploading large video files to me. Thanks.

We are also interest in being able to restrict the upload to pdf, cause we dont want users to upload randomly a jpg or whatever instead of a pdf. Especially, if they use a pdf-file I can automate further steps, cause a pdf can for sure be read by ChatGPT for instance, while a jpf can not 

I would also be interested in this. We are a resume rewriting service and need our clients to upload the current version of their resume in PDF format for our automations to work.