Help Needed: Basic Logic Not Seeming to Work?

  • 12 August 2021
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Not sure why my Typeform is not just simply going to the next question in the order that I have set up for the form… if anyone could provide some guidance it would be greatly appreciated. Here is screen recording. Thank you in advance.




Best answer by Paulo 17 August 2021, 04:00

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4 replies

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Hi @Jesse Smith Happy Thursday! Loving the background music ha! I want to work at that coffee shop!

It looks like you haven’t clicked the publish button on the form, which would send any changes you’ve made to the form to the live version. Would you mind clicking that button to see if it solves the issue? Let me know if not!

Thanks @Liz  I’ve tried your advice and I’ve made sure the form is published and I’ve also upgraded the account to make sure we’re not running into any account limitations.

Here’s a video walking through the issue more in depth now that I’m not in a coffee shop! Ha, thank you in advance.

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Hi @Jesse Smith! This is from another user. :)

I think this problem is happening because of conflicting logics. When the user clicks in the first option in Q.37 the logic should send user to Q.19, but in the Q.18 the logic already sent the user to Q.37, bypassing all the questions 19 to 36.

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Thanks for the help, @Paulo !