I can not upgrade my account


I want top upgrade my account but I can not pay with my creditcard, and this is the only option.

I get the message ‘Argh! Something went wrong: Payment-details.sources-error.authentication-required’

I don't know what to do now since I don't see another payment method and this keeps happening.

I hope to find a solution for this problem so I can upgrade my account as soon as possible.


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Hi @Sem Janssen thanks for stopping by the community, and apologies for the troubles upgrading! Usually that error means the CVV isn’t correct or your bank is declining the payment. If you haven’t already, I’d suggest giving the bank a call to approve the payment, double check the CVV and give it another go!

Hi, Thank you for your quick reply.


I checked the creditcard data and everything seems right.


I have called the bank and they say they declined the payment because you don't use double security. This should be required since 2021.. So when there is no double security I can not make they payment with their creditcard services, they claim.. Is there another way? Maybe by using paypal or something else? I'd really want to use typeform as soon as possible.


Awaiting for your kind reply.

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Hi @Sem Janssen We do support double security. :) If you’re still having troubles with the payment, our billing team can look further into the issue for you. You’ll want to contact them from your account email here:grinning: