i just want to fill out a questionnaire that was sent to me.

  • 9 August 2021
  • 2 replies

I was sent a link to Typeform to fill out a survey, but I had to create an account. So I did, but I can’t find the survey I’m supposed to fill out. The only thing I can do is create my own Typeform, which I don’t need to do. Where is my survey hiding??

2 replies

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Hi @Skupe! Welcome to the community from another user.

Would you mind to post here the link you received? I'm guessing that maybe you got the admin link instead of the survey link.

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Hello @Skupe! Thank you for your question!

​​​As @Paulo mentioned above, we'd need the URL in order to help you. Can you send it to us? 

Have a great day! :relaxed: