Improvements to Postman guide

  • 11 October 2021
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I think the information currently in the Developers guide on Postman could be clearer. I also think there should be a way on there to give feedback, like there is on the community area.

So, specifically, I had a lot of confusion setting up my typeform_personal_token. I’ve been using without problem in python scripts, but couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting authorised in Postman.

Based on the information here, I added my token into my global variables, I even followed the linked global variable guide to verify this was working. But once I added my global variable and sent a request I was getting this response:

{"code":"AUTHENTICATION_FAILED","description":"Authentication credentials not found on the Request Headers"}

And I couldn’t understand what was going wrong… It turns out there was an extra step which is possibly obvious if you’re experiencd with Postman, i’m not. But I think the instructions above could be extended.

The missing piece was on the “Get hands-on” page where I saw this picture:

Once I properly configured the authorization key and value it worked.


Could this be be made clearer?




2 replies

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Hi @oliverfarren Thanks for stopping by and sharing this! Tagging @picsoung and @mathio for this. :grinning:

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Thank you, @oliverfarren for your feedback. Indeed we need to revise our Postman collection and add more details on how to set up things.

Let us know if you still encounter issues.