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🌟 Let's Join Forces! VideoAsk and Typeform Integration 🌟

  • 17 July 2023
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🌟 Let's Join Forces! VideoAsk and Typeform Integration 🌟
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Hey Community!


We have another project that we’d love your feedback on. This time we’re exploring the integration possibilities between our own products - VideoAsk and Typeform!


We’re looking for creators that are using or considering both products to help us understand what would be useful for this integration.


Here are a few quick questions to kickstart the conversation:

  1. How do you envision the integration of VideoAsk and Typeform benefiting your workflows and user experience?
  2. Any integration ideas for VideoAsk and Typeform? Share the features or functionalities that would make your form-building experience even more amazing!
  3. Have you ever integrated VideoAsk and Typeform? If so, we'd love to hear about your experiences and the results you achieved.
  4. You can already embed a videoask into a typeform, what do you think of this feature? Is this useful for creating interactive and engaging forms?


Please share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences either here in the comments ⬇ or using this videoask. We can't wait to hear from you!


Thank you for taking the time to help us shape the future of VideoAsk and Typeform 😁


Let's revolutionize VideoAsk together! 🙌

6 replies

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Tagging @hbeckwith @Darnell @Dana @Mark.T just in case you missed it and are interested in sharing any feedback 😊

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Thanks for the tag @Grace since I did miss this!

Let me stew on this @mauricio.munoz for a minute and aim to get back to you by next week. Thanks for your patience.

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We are looking at doing a typeform and videoask combined project. Typeform has a number of integrations, including with our software ButterCMS, so if Videoask integrated with Typeform then I could Build a typeform inside of ButterCMS and have it link to a Videoask. I have not yet tried embedding a videoask into a typeform. I’ll give it a shot and let you know. 


I feel like CTA’s don’t always allow for the larger size of a videoask, so it would be ideal to start with a small typeform CTA and then transition to a videoask via URL or lightbox.

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Hey @ButterCMS! Thank you very much for you comment 🙌🏼

Let me share with you a couple of articles that might help you to:

  1. Embed your videoask in a typeform or
  2. Embed a videoask as an iframe in a webpage

I’m not sure if I understand your feedback about the CTA correctly, could you tell me a little bit more?

I’m also particularly interested in understanding a bit better what’s your use case and why you believe that integrating these two tools will help you with your goal. Furthermore, I’d like to hear what would be the “perfect” integration for you.

You can share your thoughts using this videoask, or if you prefer, we can also jump into a call and have a quick chat about that.

Being able to integrate both videoask + typeform would be a great feature! Alternatively, not having to ask for contact information twice when embedding a typeform is essential, it makes no sense that we have to ask for name + email twice so we don’t get “anonymous responses” especially for recruitment purposes.

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Hi @michelle.paredes: yes, that’s definitely not ideal, I agree. We are currently looking for ways to make our current integration (a videoask embedded in a typeform) a bit smarter, so that both submissions are some how in sync with each other. You feedback is very valuable because it help us to validate your needs. Thank you very much!