Make a Job Board with Typeform

  • 13 November 2021
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Has anyone every used typeform to gather data for job board submissions? I am thinking about using Jotform, but I love how simple Typeform is for users to use. 


What I am trying to achieve is to have employers post jobs to a job board that I am building with Webflow. Basically, they submissions coming in will be pushed to Airtable and then pushed to the Webflow CMS that will display the jobs listings submitted via the Typeform. 


My only thing, is that when a employer wants to submit jobs after their initial one, they’ll have to fill out all of their company details again. 


If anyone has collected job board submissions with Typeform, I’d love to hear how you went about it. 


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Hi @bhealthful Happy Monday! Sounds like you’ve got quite the setup there. 

To pass data into a Typeform, the information has to be stored somewhere (like your CMS system) and passed in through hidden fields. @picsoung may happen to know of a workaround that I’m not aware of, but regardless you would need to get the data in through the hidden fields