• 13 August 2021
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Hello  i wish everybody a good day 

I cant find a soluction  

  1. I cant know when typeform is going to charge me the monthly payment , there is the date that is goint to be the charge but it do not says the hour that is going to be.
  2. I think but i dont know  if the plattform will have unlocked the responses that i have accordin to my planin the next month, i have reached the limit of my typeform responses, i hope that i dont have to do an upgrade for the next month,
  3. I hope that if the payment it is done on the 13,the 14 will be available my responses (can someone confirm that) 

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@desarrollo humanoaora =- this is from another user


go to this link for Typeform Support and create a help ticket…


this will get you the assistance and information that you need