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  • 16 May 2021
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I want to use typeform to organize my clients´ sushi orders. Already made a typeform but when I try to set wich orders have been taken or not the only option that appears is “download” and “delete”.



It will help me a lot if you can add something like “archive” or “done” or even other editable folders in which we can organize the completed form like Facebook does.


something like the red square “move to “ready”


Please, that will be very helpful to my job.  Thank you!




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@Ugroch - this comes from a fellow user who now wants sushi 

I have a small storefront solution (selling custom printed t-shirts) which is not as fast paced as your business and your needs. However, what I do to keep track of orders and move them through the process is to Connect my Typeform to Trello, where the order submitted in Typeform creates a card in my Trello board (in addition to email notifications, etc.) 

This allows me to see the order in Trello in a ‘to do’ list and when printed, i can move it to the ‘ready for shipping’ and then once shipped, to the ‘done’ list. The last two moves are done manually by me once i complete that step. 

Here are a couple of shots of the Trello board, just to give you an idea: first one is the Trello board and the second one is details on an order based on the questions/responses as they are passed into the Trello card


I know this may not be perfect but it is a possible solution. There are others that may exist but this one works for me at this time..