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  • 2 December 2022
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Hi team 👋 

I’ve been on a bit of a sabbatical, however I’m now back and catching up with all the updates to VideoAsk since I’ve been away.

One thing that jumped to mind whilst going through the new features (Which are all great quality of life upgrades) was an idea for a new feature - which I thought I would voice and see what thoughts are.

For context, my aim for 2023 is to move the bulk of my communication in business (recruitment) to asynchronous video/audio. I wondered if an extension for Chrome+Gmail could be a good idea to allow you to pull people/contacts into your account and then respond straight away. Picture opening an email - thinking I’d really like to respond via video to this and being able to hit a button that lets you jump straight in to recording a VideoAsk or landing 1st step of the builder.

Apologies for the brain dump, it’s pre-coffee ☕️ - but hopefully the idea makes sense!

2 replies

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Hi @Mark.T Happy Monday! Nothing like voicing some ideas offhand to get the week started!

I don’t think VideoAsk has a Chrome extension, but I wonder if @Grace knows of any features it might have that would be similar to this. 

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Hey @Mark.T good to hear from you, and hope some of the updates this year have been useful (did you try reply to many yet?)

@Liz is right, we don’t have a Chrome extension yet, but funnily enough it is something the team has wondered about in the past so it’s great to get an example from you of how it would make your workflow easier so thanks so much for sharing!