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  • 11 March 2024
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I was wondering if there's a dedicated roadmap available for Typeform. I completely appreciate the need for discretion regarding upcoming features to maintain a competitive edge. However, it would be immensely helpful for Typeform users, like myself, to have some insight into what's currently in development and what's firmly planned for the future. This information would enable us to strategize our projects more effectively. While I'm aware and impressed by the innovative projects such as VideoAsk, I've noticed that Typeform seems to have been somewhat overlooked recently in terms of new features and updates.

To enhance Typeform's functionality, I believe the following additions would be incredibly beneficial:

  • Integration with Apple Pay and Google Wallet for smoother transaction processes.
  • Email field validation that requires users to input their email address twice, ensuring both entries match for accuracy.
  • An address autocomplete or lookup feature would be exceptionally valuable, arguably more so than the existing address field, offering a significant improvement in user experience.

These enhancements could significantly elevate the utility and user-friendliness of Typeform.

Thank you.

1 reply

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Hi @tastymaple What a lovely username! I completely agree that a public facing roadmap would be helpful. I also would like that! I’ve shared this with our product team, and they’re working on some ideas to get a public roadmap out there (or some version of it). I don’t quite know how long that’ll take, but we’ll have any updates on that posted here. 

As for the feature suggestions, thank you! I’ll pass these along to the product team, too. 😀 Feel free to send us any others!