Why I don't like Typeform

  • 20 May 2021
  • 3 replies

Typeform is just a normal survey site that has a bad design and a terrible community. Also they can’t handle criticism at all.

3 replies

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@AustinR - from another user here in the community. 

I am sorry you feel that way - for me and for a number of other folks, the tool works well - based on our business models - and the community is a great and helpful place. 

I am sorry that you that the only two posts you made were to ‘trash’ the product and the community without really engaging. Maybe if you participated, posed a question for which you were seeking answers, and entered into a meaningful conversation with those of us who would be happy to help, your attitude might change. 

Constructive criticism is always welcome - if you have some concrete examples of why you feel the tool has ‘a bad design’ the product development team can incorporate some of your wisdom into future release. 



I might try it one day, and see if I’ll change my mind about it. Thanks for the reply.

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That's interesting @AustinR , most people choose Typeform because of the design - this is what all our surveys say consistently for years. But we all have our opinions and that doesn't mean you need to like it. 

I've asked the team to find out if you ever contacted support or if you have any forms with us - we couldn't find anything.

Have you actually used Typeform at all?