Change in Typeform images href

  • 26 September 2023
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Hey there,

We ran into an interesting issue the other day. We have a simple tool for generating typeforms through the Create API. (Obviously very useful for saving time.)

However, today we ran across an interesting issue. We use a basic form as a template, which contains two or three fields. In some of those fields, we use images from Typeform. And today we get this error:

"code": "IMAGE_NOT_FOUND",
"description": "Non existing image with id sdtmNf7FqMRv"

We got the same error for all three images we used. 

However, the images still exists, just with a different href. For instance, the above image now exists with the id JwZdaMgyPkBL.

It appears that the image hrefs have… changed? It was fairly straightforward to correct for this, but it’d be useful to know why it happened, or whether we can expect it to happen again in the future.



3 replies

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@mathio correct me if I’m wrong but is it your team who owns the API? Maybe you have some insights here.

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Hey @jvh, it is not us. I will forward the request to the correct team.

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Hi @jvh and @mathio did either of you happen to get a response to this?