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  • 16 January 2024
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Hi everyone,


I’d like to create a live leaderboard of the top 5 participants who achieved the highest scores. The leaderboard is going to be displayed on a monitor so I’d like the “table” be embedded, something like an iframe. Has anyone created something similar to that or can recommend the best process to get this done? Thank you!


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Hey @shoon thanks for dropping by. 

We once ran a quiz night at the Typeform office where we created a live scoreboard by passing score data through to a Google Sheet and the used the vlookup function to pull the required data into a tab which can then be sorted. It was quite rudimentary but it could be a good starting point.

I’ve managed to dig out a video that legendary typeformer Sean made to explain how he set it up:

In this case we had different typeforms for each round, but if you only have one form you would just need to pull in the score field and the person’s name (or whatever unique identifier you want to use for them) into the Calculations tab. Here’s a template of the sheet Sean used in case it’s helpful.

This would obviously just be a starting point – from there you would need to embed the sheet as an iframe – or pass this data into some other visualization tool and then embed that view. Perhaps others have suggestions for how you might do that...

Thank you for your help, James. I did a combination of your suggestion, the Leaderboarded add-on, and a script to sort values onEdit. Needs a little fine tuning but it’s a good start. Really appreciate your guidance, thanks again!