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📣 New! Create and manipulate typeforms with our new plugin for ChatGPT

  • 1 September 2023
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📣 New! Create and manipulate typeforms with our new plugin for ChatGPT
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Hello Typerform aficionados!

Have you heard about this thing called AI? 😅
Seems like it has been taking the world recently. Right? 

We got to play our part in this new AI wave, and today, I am excited to share our plugin for ChatGPT 🎉

If you are unfamiliar with ChatGPT, it’s a chat interface where you interact with an LLM (large language model) developed by OpenAI. Since its launch, people have been using it for all kinds of things: asking about historical facts, helping draft an email, helping structure a school essay, or even running a business.

So why not use it to create and design typeform? 🤩
Install the Typeform plugin for ChatGPT, authorize your Typeform account, and chat naturally to it.


Want to create a form?

Give some context and ask ChatGPT for help:


“I am organizing a conference, and I want to gather sponsorship interest. Could you help me create a form to collect leads from potential sponsors”

“I am helping my local school to organize their next potluck party. I want to know what each participant will bring. Design a form to do so”

ChatGPT would think for a bit and then suggest a structure for the form. If you like it, it will create the form for you.

You can always provide feedback to ChatGPT, and it will adapt.


“Rephrase the questions to be more personal”

“Add tech puns into the questions.”

What about updating a form?

Thanks to the plugin, ChatGPT now has access to your Typeform account, and you can use natural language to update or modify any of your forms.

“I forgot to ask users to accept our Terms and Conditions, add a question to the form”

“Make the email question required”


Can I combine it with other plugins?

This is the beauty of ChatGPT, it keeps the context of the conversation, and you can add up to three plugins to a conversation.

Right now, all our forms are using the same typeform default theme. We could use the Brandfetch plugin to extract brand assets and reuse those to create a theme on Typeform.

Using prompts like “I work at Airbnb and need to build a customer feedback survey” will trigger a sequence of plugin calls.

You can also explicitly ask the plugin to create a theme and apply it to a form.
“Create a theme inspired by summer, and apply it to the form named “summer potlock”” 

I hope this inspires you to explore, I am curious to read more about your experiences!


Find more details in our help center

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Hey @picsoung thanks for sharing 🤗 This is amazing news, can’t wait to see what’s possible with this. That ChatGPT “Plus” subscription is looking a whole lot more tempting...