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New! Workspace Viewer Role

  • 22 September 2022
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New! Workspace Viewer Role
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Hello, hello, community members! Occasionally, you may want to share your forms with another person to review or give feedback without allowing them the ability to edit the form or download results. Thankfully, we have a new user role available for these situations - our workspace viewer role


Anyone with a Plus plan or higher can utilize this role. This feature is great if you have a consultant, team member, or anyone else that needs access to review the form. Those with this assigned role can view forms, results, and access the share settings, but they can’t edit the form or export the results. One thing to note about this feature - this role does count towards your user count. 


Check out the video below to learn how to assign this role and how typeforms are shown to the assignee.




To assign this role to an organization member or a new member, 


  1. Click on the + button to add a new member to the workspace or to update the role of a new member.


  1. Next, choose the option, “can view” to assign the corresponding role.



  2. And voilà! Now that member will receive an email inviting them to the workspace. When they enter the workspace, they’ll see your forms like this:



As always, let us know what you think of this new feature and how you’re using it in your accounts! Any feedback? Drop it in the comments below. 

5 replies

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@Liz - sweet!!!


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Ooooh, a lot of our customer are going to love this! Great for analyst and project stakeholders.


Thanks for sharing the update with the community, Liz!

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Agreed, @Ethan M. !! 

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@Liz - and having that review and approval cycle … 

i would still recommend that folks build their questions up outside the realm of Typeform and go through the initial approval processes BEFORE they start building in Typeform!

too many people state in the community that they don’t have any other record of the questions they created and want to print them out or or get a pdf after they have built the quiz in the tool. 

worst case folks, if this new feature is not enough or is not available on your plan, create a video walk through of the typeform and distribute that to your reviewers, asking them to pause the video and take notes of any issues - slide number and timestamp in the video included. I’ve done that with and for clients and it seems to work ok.. 



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Yes!! Great suggestion, @john.desborough ! Always better to get the bones started and worry about the design of it later.