🗞 Product Digest #2 - January 2021 🎏

  • 21 January 2021
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🗞 Product Digest #2 - January 2021 🎏
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Hello everyone! Hope you're having a great start to the year. After taking a well-earned break Typeform's developers are back and hungry to code 🤤  In fact we have already been able to deliver a bunch of handy updates to the platform this month.


Here's the scoop on three improvements that should make your life easier:


✂️ Customize your typeform pop-ups


We already have a whole host of ways to embed typeforms onto your web site - and we're working on adding more customization all the time.


One seamless way to display a typeform on your site is via a popup window, which loads in front of your page, graying out what's behind it. We've just added more customization to this function, allowing you to adjust the size of the popup yourself. You can choose between full screen, large, or compact sizes.



💡You can make your popup embeds smarter by applying embed triggers to them. Head to the Advanced settings within the embed options to apply these. Using the Custom launch options you can choose to activate the popup based on visitor behaviour – e.g. on page load, on exit intent, after a set time, or after they scroll. These options are available to anyone on a Premium plan and upwards.


Find out more about advanced embed options here.



✏️ Edit meta title information


Meta information is important to getting your typeforms to stand out when you share them. For the uninitiated, I'm talking about the little preview that shows up when you paste a link into WhatsApp, Facebook, Slack, or whatever. You know, this thing:




We've just added the ability to change the meta title, allowing you to keep it on-point with your messaging and make it engaging enough for people to want to click on. Even if your form is really boring :P


You can now change the meta title via the Meta preview settings, where you can also customize the preview image and meta description. You'll also find a setting to enable or disable search engine indexing.


Find out more about all this in our Help Center article




👨‍💻 Send email addresses to HubSpot through Hidden Fields


Our HubSpot integration has gotten smarter since the before holidays. You're now able to identify your leads through an Email Hidden Field rather than having to use the required Email field.


So what? Well this means you can now launch post-activation campaigns and do lead nurturing more seamlessly because you won't need to ask for the person's name in the typeform. Check out the video here to see an example.



Our Help Center has plenty more info about the HubSpot integration and Hidden Fields


That's your lot. I'll be back in a couple of weeks with some exciting info on some new integrations we're launching so be sure to come back. Oh, and if you've tried any of these changes let us know what you think :)

3 replies

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@Jo-Shan - great helpful notes here. Greatly appreciated by a user in the field. 

I do have one question though, the first item, on embedding pop-ups, seems to have a ‘wrong’ video associated with the section - it is on embedding typeform in email … not the pop-up. 

I could see that video being associated with the advanced embeds link but was confused by it’s placement with pop-ups. 

i can definitely make use of it as well as the pop-up strategy, meta-title and the integration feature to Hubspot. 







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Hi @john.desborough Hello 🙂 Thank you so much for the comment! We’ve corrected it and the current video is the right one. 

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@Jo-Shan - glad to be of service!!