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Convert your videoask URL to a QR Code! 😎

  • 9 August 2022
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Convert your videoask URL to a QR Code! 😎
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Hey Community! 😁


Here’s a nifty idea for you, turn your videoask URL into a QR code


Over the last few years the QR code has made a huge comeback! It definitely makes it quick and easy to jump you to a website or URL, simply scan and go! So if you’ve created a videoask that needs sharing, a QR code could be a great way to get it in front of your audience fast.


🤳 Have a go at scanning the QR code here to get to my videoask:



Our very own @picsoung  tested out this feature recently at the San Francisco Bay to Breakers Race! 🏃


Bay to Breakers is a 12-kilometer run that begins at Howard and Main streets and concludes at Ocean Beach, San Francisco. The beauty of this race is that everyone turns up in their very best fancy dress costumes and it’s more about the experience along the way than fastest time wins 😂 so it was a great opportunity for Nico to add a QR code to his costume and get runners to respond to his videoask during the race! 




Anyone running alongside Nico would be able to scan the code with their phone and quickly respond to the videoask 📱


💡 Here are some use cases where a QR code could be useful:

  • Feedback and testimonial collection

  • Payment collection (using the Stripe Integration)

  • Giveaways and competitions

  • Surveys

  • Wedding or special occasion guest book


We have step by step instructions on how to generate a QR code for your videoask over on the Help Center here, as well as specific instructions for iOS and Android users. 


We also recommend checking out our top tips for creating a mobile friendly videoask to get the most out of your QR code experience.


❓ Would you try converting your videoask to a QR code? Let us know in the comments!

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Awesome use case and well done @picsoung !!