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How to automatically follow up with respondents who abandoned your videoask

  • 31 January 2023
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How to automatically follow up with respondents who abandoned your videoask
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What’s cookin’? 


Imagine for a moment that you’re an online course creator. You sell a digital, on-demand course that teaches people how to cook Michelin-star meals from the comfort of their own kitchen. 🍝


Rather than selling your cooking course through a traditional landing page, you’ve opted to use VideoAsk. You’ve prepared a series of videos that respondents can watch and interact with to better understand the features and benefits of your product. Unfortunately, there’s a problem…

A whopping 15,000 visitors landed on the first step of your videoask, but only 250 of them actually purchased your video course (using the Stripe answer type). 😱

So the question is: How can you bolster that bottom of the funnel of metric to boost sales… and satiate the taste buds of the next Gordon Ramsay?! 


Pick up your drop-off 


The first thing you should consider is using VideoAsk’s drop-off analysis feature. This will help you quickly identify any red flags. For example, if you see that 70% of respondents abandon the videoask between step 2 and step 3, you might reshoot your video in step 2 or change the answer type of that question.


However, no matter how much you optimize your videoask, some respondents will still inevitably drop out. After you’ve made any major revisions to reduce your drop-off rate, it’s time to set up an automated email follow-up to recapture any remaining leads who slip through the cracks!


The workflow will function like this:


The techstack  


Ready to recover lost leads and skyrocket your sales? Let’s jump into the video tutorial! 👀



Bon appétit, automation is served!


Is your mouth watering at the thought of saving time and recapturing revenue that would have otherwise vanished into cyberspace? We hope so!


In just a few simple steps, you can make a big impact on your conversion rate and bottom line.


If you have questions or feedback about this VideoAsk guide, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below! 


Or if you’re looking to use VideoAsk as an automated solution for a tedious process in your organization, let us know. Your idea might inspire our next community guide!

Remember: If you can dream it, you can do it! Until next time…


3 replies

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This is awesome @andrew_videoask 😍

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Great idea @andrew_videoask thanks for sharing! 😎

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@andrew_videoask - Awesome,  dude!!