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Use VideoAsk to display multiple links 🔗

  • 23 August 2023
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Use VideoAsk to display multiple links 🔗
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The world went mad for platforms like Linktree a few years back. Ok I’m exaggerating, but it was certainly very handy if you wanted to showcase a series of links somewhere like Instagram, where up until very recently you could only have 1 link in your bio (luckily you can now have up to 5, phew!) 😅


Many brands turned to platforms that could offer a linking service - a magical landing page that could host all your important links in one place 🪄

Well here’s an idea for you, if you’re looking for ways to use VideoAsk alongside your testimonial collection or lead funnel experience, why not stand out from the crowd and create a videoask to feature all your favorite links? 💡


Here’s how it’s done:



All you need to do is create a one step videoask and select the multiple choice answer type to create a series of buttons that will all redirect to the relevant webpages

Depending on your business/use case, you could also include an option for people to contact you. Just create a second step in your videoask with an open-ended answer type which let’s people send you a message via video, audio or text.


Here’s the example videoask I created:




And if you want to see one live, check out the VideoAsk Instagram account where you’ll find a videoask link in the bio. You can switch up the links depending on what you’ve been posting about each month so scrollers can easily find the content you are referring to in post.


Have you tried using VideoAsk to display multiple links? Let us know if you have any questions or comments below ⬇️


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@Grace - this is way cool.. I’ve done similar in Typeform but will have this on the agenda for implementing via VideoAsk when i get back from vacation/travels in Sept. 



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Thanks @john.desborough great thinking to do it with Typeform too!