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Videoask of the month: June 2023 🏢

  • 1 June 2023
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Videoask of the month: June 2023 🏢
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Hey everyone!


I’m excited to share this month’s videoask with you all, as I think it showcase a perhaps “lesser known” feature of VideoAsk - screen sharing! 🤓 

Alex Nazaruk, Founder of Clara Office Management, recently contacted our support team to ask a few questions so we got a sneak peak of his demo-style videoask which shows off what Clara can do.


Check it out:

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Top tip: watch in full screen mode to get the full effect 🤓



What’s the use case?


Alex is using VideoAsk to demo office management tool Clara. The videoask provides a great way for potential customers to see what the product has to offer. Having a visual walkthrough can help viewers understand the tool and lead to faster sign-ups. 


Where can I find it?


The videoask is currently being shared via LinkedIn and email, and you can also discover it on the homepage of the Clara website:



If you click the Video Demo button the videoask opens in a new tab for visitors to interact with.


This videoask has been made using the following features



Alex has integrated with Hubspot Meetings to offer a calendar booking option for those people that would like to learn more about Clara. This allows him to capitalize on those warm leads that are interested in the product and hopefully convert them to customers during the call. 

The use of delay interaction is a great addition when you have a particular video that you want to be watched before an answer/option is selected. You can choose the length of time that works for your video and works especially well with embedded videoasks as it means the answer type doesn’t cover the video for too long.



And of course, to create the videos Alex has selected the screen share option:



You can choose whether to include “self view” while you talk through the screen share, it definitely adds a personal touch to the video walkthrough when you get to see the founder talk about the product!


Congratulations to Alex for creating an insightful videoask and thanks so much for letting us share it! 💫

Clara Office Management offers everything from office snacks to full blown parties so you can keep your team happy no matter the occasion. Their free to use concierge service can get you anything you need at top secret prices 🤫


Do you have an awesome videoask you would like to share? Send me a DM and we could be featuring you as videoask of the month very soon! 🙌

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nicely done! @Grace - another great example that makes me really want to find/make the time to get moving forward with the product. (and to resolve that challenge with @andrew_videoask )

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It’s showtime, @john.desborough!